This week at Grace: Oct 15th - Oct 21st
October 15, 2017

Sunday’s Message

“Transformed by Jesus Christ”
II Corinthians 5:12-19

 Grace’s Weekly  Agenda: Oct 15th - Oct 21st









10:30 AM Worship

12:00 PM Potluck Lunch after service




7:00 PM Growing in Christ (at Brian Wilson’s home)

6:30 PM

9:00 PM


9:50 AM

Ladies Bible Study
7 PM
Worship Team



10 AM
Prayer Group (all welcome)
12:00 PM CHEERS luncheon
6:30-8:30 PM Family Photo Night

7:30 PM


6:30 PM
Kids Club

6 PM
Jesus the Only Way Arabic Church

  • Miracle Sunday is October 8th: Donations will go towards our roof loan repayments. We need approx. $5000 to cover this year’s expenses. Just mark “Miracle Sunday” on your envelope. (You can still donate to Miracle Sunday until Dec. 31st)
  • Family Photo Night! Get your family photo taken professionally by Cait Thursday Oct 19th from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Walk in’s welcome!  Your new photo can be used for the 2018 Directory and you can order copies for yourself if you wish!
  • Finances: Thanks to the generous people Thanksgiving Sunday we met our weekly goal as well as 78% of our Miracle Sunday goal for 2017.  We are at 92.8% of our goal YTD which means we need just under $17,000 to be where we want to be. Your donations also help support missions outside Grace like missionaries Dan and Sarah Hall (originally from our Grace family) who equip young people to use their creative gifts in ministry at a small school in Quebec.
  • Potluck lunch after the service Oct 15th. Bring a traditional dish or family favorite to share!
  • "Introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics":  Randall McCooeye will lead the Adult Sunday School starting Oct 22nd from 9 to 10 am on Sunday mornings.  Randall has taken a course in Apologetics and is keen to share with us what he has learned.
  • CHEERS (50+) luncheon is Thursday October 19th. Join in some fun party games and enjoy a meal among friends.
Please watch: Make a Call for Conscience (Video)
February 05, 2017