Board of Managers

The Board is tasked with looking after the building, assets and finances of the church. We meet via Zoom on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  This is a very practical and hands on way to serve in the ministry of Grace. Currently we are looking for the following positions:

Internal Maintenance Manager: looking after the inside of the church building, coordinating volunteers making repairs and doing regular maintenance tasks. We are looking for a coordinator as well as people willing to do the actual work around the church.

Stewardship Manager - organize the collection of the offering Sunday mornings. (We already have volunteers counting and making the deposits)

IT Manager - Looking after the technology at Grace including the computers, printers, network, laptops and assisting/advising, as needed, the Sunday morning tech team for equipment, livestream, camera, microphones.  If you know your way around a computer and network - you could be the person for this job!  Dan Rueger, our previous IT Manager, will be available to assist and provide training.


Keeping Grace Church Beautiful
Property maintenance and upkeep

Like to be outside? Gardening, riding the awesome lawn tractor, using a trimmer, clearing the parking lot... are just some of the ways you can help!  Speak to Lauren Miles-Kuiperij, External Maintenance Manager,  or contact the office today!

Good with tools? Changing lights, fixing broken tables or other furniture... We have a great building but she is not as young as she used to be. We could use your help!  Speak to Alain Dawson, who is trying to retire as our chief handyman,  or contact the office if you could spare some time to help. 

We are thankful for any job you might be willing to tackle.  Please be sure to coordinate with Lauren or Arlene in the office so we can keep on top of what needs to be done and what is being worked on and by whom.

Annual Review of Finances
Be a second set of eyes...

Can you set aside some time once a year to look at Grace's finances? We have a volunteer with an accounting background that needs a partner so there is more than one set of eyes making sure our records are accurate and properly kept.  The work is extremely flexible and can be done whenever you are both available.  No experience necessary, just a willingness to verify documents to statements and check off the list. Speak to Arlene in the office if you can help.