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Good Gracious


Good Gracious - Nov 2019

Word and Sacraments

Pastor Jonathan invites us to understand each other and to be sensitive to each others feelings, and those of family and friends as we consider the discussions in the church and Presbytery about sexual orientation and how it affects the church.

Hazelwood - Oct 2019

What Part are You

The author contemplates our roles in life and the church. Everyone has a part to play.

Hazelwood - Oct 2019

What's Love got to do with It

The author speaks on letting go of anxiety and deadlines, focusing instead on what is important.

Hazelwood - May 2019

God's Timing is Always Perfect

The author speaks on how Our plans and God's plans are not necessarily the same, but God's plan is perfect, and He is in control.

Good Gracious - May 2019


Pastor Jonathan invites us to prepare our hearts to do our parts in the community, church, and our own personal lives.

Hazelwood - Apr 2019

Planting the Harvest

As spring approaches, the author takes a look at the planting and care of seeds both in the gardens and