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Good Gracious

I’m getting out my soapbox to once again trumpet my heartfelt desire for a longer time of Thanksgiving. One weekend or one day is simply not enough. A month or two would be good. In fact, Labour Day until American Thanksgiving would be just about right. That would give us one quarter of the year to reflect on the blessings and the good
Have you ever found yourself so overwhelmed with everything that’s going on that you have no idea where to start? Do you ever feel like an elastic band that is being stretched to the limit and you know when it breaks it’s going to hurt? How often do you wake up and wonder how you will handle today when you’re still working on

Good Gracious September 2021 - Patience

Patience One of the joys of going on vacation for a pastor is to be able to visit another church in person, somewhere in the body of Christ. When we went to BC for a portion of last month, we went to church with our daughter and her husband. It was good to be together with other believers, and not just to be thinking of public health policy or