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Ottawa Innercity Ministries - April 2021

Ottawa Innercity Ministries

April 2021

Dear Innercity Intercessors,

You will recall the story of 2018 when we were in dire need of office and program space, and how the Lord, in a powerful way, demonstrated His mercy and grace to provide OIM with our current lease at 391 Gladstone for a remarkable price. We were allowed a two-year lease, and then month-to-month rent, with a three-month notice of termination.

In September of 2020, the landlord informed us that the owners did not have further intention for the building and were going to sell it. I responded with some options that would allow 0IM to be the buyer and the landlord said he would present this to the owners.

In March, the landlord informed us that the owners had intention of listing the property on the open market, and that is where we are right now. A real estate broker will give an estimate on the value of the property and then to the market for sale.

I told the landlord that we were still interested in purchasing the property and he agreed to have further conversation about this as things progressed.

Leadership has been in prayer for God's will to be accomplished, and I am inviting you into this prayer request. There are a number of factors in this equation: uniqueness of the property (it is a Heritage building), the commercial real estate market (there is not a lot of demand for this type of property), the effect of Covid- 19 (with more and more people working from home) that will affect the price and sale of the property.

Additionally, there is the issue of OIM moving to a new lease, or mortgage — finding an affordable and suitable space for OIM in the downtown is also a big challenge.

Please pray for God's direction and provision whatever that entails. I will keep you informed as things develop. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Ken MacLaren

Executive Director

391 Gladstone Ave. Ottawa, ON K2P OY9

(613)237-6031 • •