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OIM - March 2022 Update

March 2022

Dear Innercity Intercessors,

I locked my car and as I walked to the back door of the office I was overcome with a sense of thankfulness to God for His provision. You!

I remembered that for the several months when the building sale was pending and there was a certain degree of uncertainty whether we would be able to purchase it, I walked this same short path to the back door from my car.

I remember during those several months how, when I came to the back door, I place my hand on the door and dedicated the building to God's purposes and asked the Lord if He would find a way to make the purchase happen.

I didn't even enter the building through the back door then. Instead, I went to the front door and placed my hand on that door and prayed a similar prayer of dedication, commitment and petitioned the Lord for His intervention.

Sometimes, I even walked around the entire building praying, petitioning, and asking the Lord to make a way where there seemed to be no way. I thought of the children of Israel when they faced an impossible situation at the city of Jericho's wall, and how the Lord came through for them. From the front door, I prayer-walked east to the alley between the buildings, across the parking lot and back again on the driveway to the front door. Praying, believing and asking God to make a way. (I didn't go around seven times, information for you Bible scholars out there, just one time around, but I did this on a couple of occasions).

Another critical piece of planning was to alert OIM 's Innercity Intercessors of the need and what might be possible, and you did your part to pray with me! I think there are over 500 people who receive this prayer calendar. Together we prayed and God moved. Glory to His Name!

Back to the moment of last week: I entered the building with this powerful sense of thankfulness. At 7:10 am, the space is quiet and serene, and my thankfulness continued as I enjoyed the presence and provision of the Lord at OIM. Praise His name forever!

Thanks for your prayers and support! We press on, together, for what God has in store!

Ken MacLaren

Executive Director

391 Gladstone Ave. Ottawa, ON K2P OY9

(613)237-6031 • •