Our Missions

Grace Church supports many missions, missionaries and programs to spread the word of God. Here, you will find updates about the missions we support.

Good morning team,

God continues to bless in profound ways that humbles us and makes us wonder where God is going to take Establish.

Here are a few of the ways that is blessing:

  • The development of our Equipping manual. This is the final book in the Establish 101 Starter Kit. It will explain the ‘why’ of foundational disciple-making for those that purchase Establish as well as give them the tools to equip their next generation. Each day as we edit, we ask God to lead and direct as we seek to honour Him and His Word and each day we see Him undertaking in very profound ways. Through this collaborative approach to writing, God is allowing all the different gifts within our team to influence these resources in profound ways. Here is what our mission director/editor has to say about them so far, “I’ve been really blessed by it so far – very clear … it expresses well the simplicity of discipleship for every believer to enjoy! I am impressed honestly with how the Lord has enabled.”
  • The ‘Who is God?’ booklet has been translated to French and Spanish and is being beta tested in Canada. Please pray for provision to print these in the coming months and for God to use them for His glory. (There is also interest in translating the rest of Establish. Please pray for capacity.)
  • The one northern teaching group took a huge step forward the previous weekend as they taught our first lesson as a part of their church service. It was so beautiful and impactful to see them teach most of it in Cree. Please pray for them to know how to meet the interest by those who now want to be discipled. They very clearly communicated that it was their responsibility to carry this into the rest of their community. PRAISE THE LORD!
  • The new version of our discipling strategy has begun. Kevin Goertzen, our colleague, has begun discipling the leadership of a supporting church. This begins the last part of the ministry revisions that we strategized for in March 2022 – revising our teaching resources AND revising how we disciple the church. Because the first level of our teaching resources is almost complete, we can implement version 2 of our strategy - discipling church leaders through a combined foundational Bible teaching AND equipping where they experience discipling in community, in life, and on mission so they can duplicate it within their churches. Kevin has begun a 6-month version for the wider church and I’m planning on beginning a 10-month version for the aboriginal church in September. Please pray for wisdom as we work through all the details and for favour. Our desire is to see God beginning multiplying disciple-making movements within the church.
  • The addition of new colleagues. We are talking with a veteran missionary couple with Ethnos Canada about joining our team in SK. This couple would brings gifts to our team in both leadership and administration (the husband is taking his MBA) and curriculum development (the wife is a certified schoolteacher who has written lots of children’s curriculum).  They as a family are coming for the May long weekend to check things out and for further discussions. Please pray for wisdom and for God’s leading.
  • The new open doors for ministry. Norm McCallum, our Woodland Cree Elder/teammate has connected us to influential ministry leaders in Ottawa and has now invited us to Kamloops to participate in a missions’ conference that is focused on indigenous ministry (May 13-15). Please pray for safety as several us are driving out from Saskatchewan beginning tomorrow. Two of our northern disciples will be sharing their stories at the conference – a first for them both. Please pray that God strengthens and blesses them. Please also pray for stamina for Norm and his team – they have put a lot of work into this conference.
  • The growing partnership with Northern Canada Evangelical Mission. On May 25th, I’ll be doing a morning training session for the new missionaries with NCEM on how to utilize our ‘Who is God?’ booklet as they begin ministry. Praise the Lord for how the body of Christ can partner together.


And besides all of these, there are the weekly conversations with individuals who are growing because of this ministry and are having opportunities to utilize these resources in unique ways. Many of these conversations leave me laughing for joy as God continues to ‘show off’. God is also giving favour with a growing network of ministry leaders, whether missions leaders or church leaders, who want to know more about Establish. All of this is God’s doing as He uses weak vessels for His glory!

Thank you for your continued support – we cannot do what we’re doing had each of you not been so faithful. Thank you.



Dave and Judy