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Ethnos Canada - Establish February 2021

Good morning team,

Praise the Lord for His continued watch and care over each of us as we walk through a world that is bound by the curse of sin, sickness, and death. Our future is secure, God indwells us by His Spirit, and He is building His church despite our current world. Amen?


Thank you for all those who have been praying for Alfred, our dear disciple from our Pinehouse. He had his MRI last week, but he’s waiting the results to know the extent of his rectal cancer. But praise the Lord that God is giving him grace to sort through many years of wrong theology that God must always heal. And God is opening new opportunities each day for him to share his hope in Jesus Christ despite the uncertainties of his cancer. Please pray for his unbelieving wife to respond to the gospel that she’s seen and heard from her husband and pray for Alfred’s healing.


God is blessing our northern discipling despite having to use video conferencing. The ongoing transformation in the believers has been astounding as they more and more embrace the truth of who God is, the gospel, and their identity in Christ. Please pray for the Pinehouse group as they are at the end of the second level and now learning how to study their Bibles. This is challenging for them after being taught that they didn’t need to study their Bibles as the Holy Spirit would just download truth to them. Also pray for them next month as they begin a more intentional equipping to disciple others. This will be both instructional and practical so that it gets them more intentionally discipling others immediately. This too will be a stretch for them, so pray that God gives favour, protection, and enablement.


I’m heading to BC this weekend at the request of Norm, our aboriginal elder/consultant. He has been asked to help a church reach out to the 10 reserves around Kamloops and he would like me to be there to help kick off the first training event. This is a huge honour as it demonstrates the level of relationship between Norm and I and it’s a huge opportunity to demonstrate to the church in how two different cultures can work this closely together. This church is very ‘white’ so please pray for our initial strategy session with the senior leaders to open their eyes to the necessity of sharing truth in light of the glasses of another culture, and then our evening video training session with about 20 members of the church. Norm has asked me to share my story from PNG, how we met, and what we’ve seen in our northern discipling. Please pray for favour to connect well with the church and for God to prepare their hearts to receive what we need to share with them.


Our teams goal is to have our second edition of our first level ready to begin a new round of equipping in September. There are a lot of pieces in play with a very small team, a lot of volunteers, and two businesses. Praise the Lord for the headway on the re-write of the lessons, the handouts, new discipling resources, graphic refresh, the redesign of our Bible pictures, and initial conversations with a local film company to video our new content. There will be significant costs as we need to hire the expertise of these two businesses. One of the big unknowns is where to video as our options are very limited. Ultimately, we’re trusting God to provide a dedicated place that could be used for videoing, video conferencing, training, and editing. If you have any ideas, please let us know. And if you’d like to contribute specifically to this project, here is the link:


I am thankful for the many volunteers that are helping to move this project forward, but still much of the weight of this ministry rests on my shoulders. God is giving grace, but I need your help to lessen my stress. First off, please pray for grace and wisdom to pace myself. Secondly, please consider helping to support Kevin Goertzen, my part-time associate. Kevin who would LOVE to be full-time if he had sufficient financial support. Currently he is at 1/3 support but doing at least 40 hours of ministry plus fixing furnaces to pay his bills. If he could be full-time, he could let go of his side work to better focus on our ministry needs and help carry more of my load. I’ve attached his ministry bio to this email and here is his link at Ethnos Canada:

Would you prayerfully consider supporting him?

Thank you so very much for your continued support in prayer, encouragement, and finances. All that God is doing is only possible with your ongoing support.


Dave & Judy
Ethnos Canada - Dave Wright - Email: - Phone: (306)-491-4108 - Church Engagement Team of Ethnos Canada - Providing churches with a relational structure to disciple-making


PDF File Ethnos Canada February 2021


Disciple-Making Series


Establishing ALL peoples in Christ through foundational Bible teaching.


  • •  ESTABLISH is a Church engagement Tool of Ethnos Canada to empower disciple-making in the church
  • •  ESTABLISH is a foundational, systematic, actionable, and reproducible resource for church growth
  • •  ESTABLISH engages culture with Biblical truth to see heart transformation; not behaviour modification.
  • •  ESTABLISH has proven to break down denominational and ethnic barriers through its teaching.


Establish - A Disciple-Making Series

Ethnos Canada

Box 707, Durham,
ON, N0G 1R0

Kevin Goertzen
Church Engagement Team

Osler, SK


Kevin and Marti Goertzen

My name is Kevin Goertzen and my lovely wife is Marti. I was born in an old Mennonite Bergthaler environment. I am married with 3 children and 3 amazing grandchildren. I have worked in the commercial and residential heating and cooling industry for 30+ years.

I came to know about the saving grace of Christ when a church volunteer shared the truth and my life was saved. I then realized volunteers ‘save’ lives. So, I’ve been volunteering the last 30+ years –everything from Sunday School to mentoring young men with two years of Millar College of the Bible in-between. Being involved in full-time ministry has long been a passion and through the events of the last two years through injury and economic decline, God has allowed me to be involved with the Church Engagement Team of Ethnos Canada in Saskatchewan. Now I have the opportunity to go full-time should God provide sufficient support.

My role for this growing ministry is Office Manager; covering activities such as emails, orders, finances, printing, volunteers, PR, contacts, editing, teaching, and more.


Pray for the team in this new advance -grace, wisdom, stamina, unity at all levels, and protection as the enemy is not pleased at this advance.
Pray for my wife and I through this exciting and scary transition. (please send email to
Pray for God to provide our necessary support as quickly as possible. (Please send support to Ethnos Canada on my behalf)