Our Missions

Grace Church supports many missions, missionaries and programs to spread the word of God. Here, you will find updates about the missions we support.

Mission Updates

OIM May 2023 Update

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the weather continues to warm and we're so thankful for your caring...

Ethnos Canada - April 2023 Update

Once again, my heart is overflowing with good things that God is doing in and through us together as we seek to begin a disciple-making movement throughout Canada and beyond. Thank you for your active partnership!

Ottawa Innercity Ministries - April 2023 Update

Where has the time gone!? Already we are entering the second quarter of 2023. -in my mind, I am still somewhere back to the early days of the year. But, no! Snow is becoming a memory, clocks have leaped forward and this month we will celebrate with great joy the resurrection of our Lord.

However, while I may be having trouble keeping up, there is much to be thankful for over the past three months.

IVCF University of Ottawa Thank You

Thank you so much for your kind donation and support of The Ministry at The University of Ottawa! Your partnership has allowed for students to come together, form community, and help new students to come to know Jesus in powerful ways...

Ottawa Innercity Ministries - March 2023 Update

On the streets, our outreach teams are noticing subtle changes. Prayer requests are beginning to shift towards day-to-day needs and away from desperation over cold, shelter, the heartache of loneliness, and from physical aches, pains and illnesses linked to the weather. There are sometimes now prayers of gratitude for God's protection over the winter, for sufficient food most days, for the glimpses of connections that build self-worth.