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YWAM - It's Been A While

Hello everyone!


Well it's been a long time! We've been back working with YWAM Dunham for nearly 7 months now, and how they've flown by! Here's a little snippet...


Our current work with YWAM

We've found a good rhythm that works for us (it took a few months to find our place and contribution after the sabbatical year and having passed off the DTS). I'm working part-time with YWAM (Leadership team of YWAM Dunham and co-leading the Ministry Development School for our staff team) and part-time at the bakery, which just opened back up. Dan is working full-time (Leadership team of YWAM Dunham, DTS Center for Canada, College of the Arts with University of the Nations). He's also been doing a lot of teaching on DTS and preaching with a couple local churches and little by little making his way through the last few books of his School of Biblical studies. Thank you Lord for showing us the way into this new season!



We are both currently part of a "covid committee" who oversee how we as YWAM Dunham approach and handle any covid-related situations. In January we had a mini-outbreak among some of our staff living both in and out of the YWAM house. Though it was a stressful situation (everything had to be shut down and people quarantined to their rooms for 2 weeks and a LOT of working with public health nurses and doctors to properly deal with the problem), because of measures put in place in the many months prior, the situation remained very mild. We (as YWAM Dunham) are thankfully able to be currently running a DTS, a film school and an acting school despite all of this. The restrictions add a few layers of complication in logistics, but things are running smoothly! Thank you Lord for how you've made a way!!



I've been accepted to Concordia University for the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, with a focus on painting and drawing. They've also accepted many of my credits earned in Ottawa and so I have less than 2 years left to complete! Thank you Lord for making a way through this!!


Foster Care:

Our file has been completed and we've been accepted to the next round which is a series of interviews. We are still waiting for them to reach out for our first meeting. We've been told that there is a lot of need and not a lot of workers right now and so the process is even slower than usual, but a friend of ours who works in the system has asked to have us put on the top of the list. Thank you Lord for how you will make a way through this!!


So we invite you to join us in prayers of thanksgiving and faith to God, our way-maker, in both areas of our lives where he's already made a way, and where there is yet to be one traced. May we all know his nearness and his direction as we follow Jesus together, who is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE!


Bless you all!


Sarah and Dan