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Ethnos Canada - 2020 A Year Of Change

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2020 A Year Of Change

For many of us, 2020 has been a year of change. And our lives and ministry are no different. But despite the change, God is still on the throne and is advancing His mission. Here is some of what God has done in our small corner in 2020...

  • Our ministry has gone through an extensive evaluation and refocusing to more effectively meet our mandate. (This meant the restructuring of our team with three of our teammates moving on to different teams within Ethnos.)
  • Our lessons are being rewritten to reflect what God has taught us in these past 4+ years of ministry.
  • Our content is being more thoroughly checked by nine editors (three are from the Ethnos leadership).
  • Our graphics are being meshed with Ethnos and sharpened by a graphics company.
  • Our Bible pictures are being switched to real-life ones that will be copyright free.
  • Our teaching materials are being augmented with new life-on-life and spiritual disciplines resources.
  • Our training model is changing to a two-year discipling of a small group of leaders to better empower disciple-making. (The first group of ten leaders, aboriginal and white, are ready to begin once the second edition of our resources is finished.)

Truly God has orchestrated a lot of change for our small team in this past year. And with it, there has been a lot of mixed emotions – rejoicing, anticipation, and a feeling of inadequacy. Rejoicing to see all that God has done despite us, anticipation over the potential of increased impact, and a feeling of inadequacy as we realize more and more our inability and need of God. God is good!



The first group has split in two in order to go deeper into Acts for their respective churches (both just once a month) and the second group is still twice a month. There continues to be a deep impact because of truth - especially for the second group where the truth of their identity and security in Christ has really challenged the wrong beliefs of insignificance and failure. This has resulted in a lot of tears, open confession of wrong belief, and transformation. All praise to our wonderful Lord and Saviour!

But the second group also has a tension building because of the impact of truth. While we have a good relationship with the pastor, he and his wife no longer attend our sessions. And a number of our group will no longer attend his church services. Please pray for wisdom and protection as we navigate this growing divide.

Please also pray as most all of our teaching has moved to video conference calls. It’s not the same, so we go slower and long for the day when we can be back face-to-face. I’d love to finish the second level of our lessons as well as equipping them to disciple others during this year’s teaching. But I need face-to-face to do that.



Many of you have been praying for our neighbours, Mel and Eva. Thank you! Please continue to pray as they just found out that the tumour is an aggressive stage four and Mel has a lot of pain. Please also pray as Mel begins treatment. God is still giving opportunities, though limited, to pray with and to encourage them.

Thank you to each of you for your faithful prayers, encouragement, and support in 2020. All that God is doing is a direct result of your continued love. May the Lord richly bless you.


Dave & Judy Wright
Engaging the Canadian Church – Ethnos Canada

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