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Renewal Fellowship - January 2022 Update

Renewal Fellowship

3819 Bloor Street West, Etobicoke, ON M9B 1K7


January 10, 2022


Dear Friend,


The Board of the Fellowship enthusiastically takes this opportunity to thank you for your partnership in the ministry of renewal within The Presbyterian Church in Canada throughout 2021.

The past twelve months have been some of the most unsettling times many of us have experienced in our faith journeys. We believe some theological and polity decisions made at the last General Assembly lacked solid scriptural support, failed to follow the procedural methodology set forth in the Book of Forms, and did not uphold the 'wont and usage' that govern our higher courts.

Almost two years of engagement with the devastation, both of COVID and various official responses to the virus, have left many congregations severely weakened in their ability to minister to their community. More sadly, some no longer dare to dream of future vitality.

These challenges confront us even as our society appears to be championing the vacuous principles of secularism as the de facto state religion, setting aside many long-standing moral and philosophical underpinnings that have made Canada the wonderful country it is.

The Board of Directors has been attempting to address the demands the above realities have thrust upon us. Despite the immensity of the task, we remain hopeful and focused on our mission of pursuing renewal within the PCC. Late last year we identified two major priorities for 2022 — prayer and pastoral care.

Only God's gracious and powerful intervention can heal the divisions, errors, and hurts in our denomination. Therefore, we pray. We pray for repentance for our own complicity in the brokenness that assails us. We pray for humbleness of heart and zeal of spirit as we serve. We pray for God to move with mercy and power to restore and renew.

As well, we reach out to support and strengthen the many who are deeply wounded in spirit, despairing in heart, beset by uncertainty, and marginalized by the powers that be. Many are hurt and isolated. Caring for such as these is a priority goal this year.

We will also continue to address other pressing issues as resources permit. Another conference in partnership with Vaughan Community Church is being explored. A renewal day in concert with our ACM on April 30 is being planned. Andy and the Board maintain collegial contacts with other 'renewing' groups working among us.

Writing about our partnership with you has been a joy. I do look forward to the time when some of us can gather in the same place and celebrate, rejoice and encourage one another. In the meantime, I ask that you continue to support us financially, to participate in as many of our activities as possible [check the website and Facebook page for regular updates] and to pray with us daily for strength, wisdom, and passion.


Remember God is good, all the time!


Ian Shaw [Board Chairperson]


"To lead ourselves and The Presbyterian Church in Canada

to authentic Biblical thinking, powerful Spirit-led prayer

and effective Gospel witness."