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Ottawa Innercity Ministries

November 2022

Dear Innercity Intercessors,

With Remembrance Day approaching, it seems appropriate to share a little about what 01M is doing to honour and help those who have served our nation. Being who we are, naturally our focus is on Veterans struggling with homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness.

Every Wednesday between 10:30 and noonish, our doors open and the office comes alive with the coming together of Veteran men and women, volunteers, many themselves Veterans, and staff. The noise level can be deafening in our open concept space from the greetings and conversation, clinking of coffee mugs, scraping of chairs on the ceramic floor and calling out of food preferences. Those playing cribbage or other board games have been known to boisterously share either their victory over a competitor or protest their defeat, all adding to the cacophony. In sum, in this couple of hours, our vulnerable Veteran friends get the chance to connect, laugh, test their game skills, get help with referrals, eat. Numbers are growing.

Earlier this year, with support from Veterans Affairs Canada, leadership added "Operation Inclusion", an initiative aimed at addressing the dramatic rise in social isolation and mental health challenges faced by Veterans. Those we meet are lonely and disconnected from their peers and are looking for ways to socialize with other Veterans on a regular basis in spite of the fact that some are altogether mistrusting of places that might actually be in a position to help.

Operation Inclusion recognizes this. As a consequence, the Wednesday drop-ins have now been supplemented with two special monthly events - an in-house movie night (not surprisingly, the theme is predictably about some sort of war or military action) and a special excursion to somewhere exciting in the city.

On November 11 when as a nation we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us, let us not forget those who did not come away from their experiences healthy and whole. Please pray for our Veteran friends and for the staff and volunteers who try so hard to make a difference.

As always, thank you for your continued love and support. Just as you pray on our behalf for all of those in need, we pray for God's blessing over you and your life circumstances.


Managing Director

391 Gladstone Ave. Ottawa. ON K2P OY9

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