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Ottawa Innercity Ministries - August 2021

Ottawa Innercity Ministries

August, 2021

Dear Innercity Intercessors,

Even though it has been a hot summer, it is a welcome change (remembering the cold of winter) and consequently, no complaints here. And it is very exciting to serve the Lord in these days.

Here is my most recent update for "0IM: Homeless No Longer"

The 0IM Board has unanimously voted to purchase our current (rental)property at 391 Gladstone. This is very, very good news.

It is a very positive step forward and comes with its own set of new challenges. Please be in prayer:

  1. For direction to all personnel involved in the process: realtors, specialists in closing, HST, building appraisal, lawyer discovery and others.
  2. For the release of finances from our Heavenly Father who is our source for all our needs.
  3. For agreement that all resource people that our Father will prompt to give financially to the fund raising venture will respond positively.
  4. For the timing of all the events that will need to be delivered.
  5. For seamless delivery of excellent services to our street friends during this entire process.
  6. For wisdom and knowledge, grace and peace to leadership as we move forward, following the direction of the Lord.

As you might imagine, this will stretch us in our thinking and capacity. Your prayers are critically important in these current days.

Thanks for your support, your prayers, and encouragement.

Ken MacLaren

Executive Director

391 Gladstone Ave. Ottawa, ON K2P OY9

(613)237-6031 • •