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OCCRC Letter

Dear Friend,

On behalf of our Board of Directors as well as our staff and volunteers, I would like to thank you for your generous donation to the Orléans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Especially during pandemic times, contributions such as yours help us maintain the quality of our programs which in turn help us in being a leader in strengthening our communities and providing hope to those in need.

Each year, our community-based organization continues to advance its mandate - working with our community to support individuals in achieving their full potential. We continuously seek ways to improve our programs (counselling, workshops, etc.) and services (Food Bank, LEAP, Income tax clinics, etc.), to better serve the children, youth, families, and individuals who approach us for support, awareness, and encouragement. The programs and services are possible through the donations we receive from individuals, organizations and/or from fundraising campaigns or activities.

Your support is very much appreciated and the Orléans-Cumberland CRC hopes that we can continue to count on your donations which make a difference in our communities of Orléans, Cumberland, Vars, Sarsfield, Navan and Carlsbad Springs.



Luc Ouellette,

Executive Director