Our Missions

Grace Church supports many missions, missionaries and programs to spread the word of God. Here, you will find updates about the missions we support.

Mission Updates

Ethnos Canada Update

Dear team, I cannot wait any longer before giving you some really great news! God has answered prayer by providing our team with some urgent help, and in areas where our team has been weak and limping along for way too long. It’s official, Jason and Erin Baan have joined the Establish Team. God has already blessed them with a house in
June 2022  Dear Innercity Intercessors,  I do appreciate your support, your prayers and encouragement as you have faithfully prayed for our OIM staff, volunteers and street friends. It is genuinely appreciated! I am counting on you!  First of all, you are aware that we are having our regular fund raiser event at the Ottawa
Good morning team, God continues to bless in profound ways that humbles us and makes us wonder where God is going to take Establish. Here are a few of the ways that is blessing: The development of our Equipping manual. This is the final book in the Establish 101 Starter Kit. It will explain the ‘why’ of foundational disciple-making
Dear friends of Campus Ministry One of the ways Algonquin College and Campus Ministry is supporting displaced Ukrainians who have come to Ottawa is through informal language instruction for newcomers. These classes are being held at the Woodroffe Campus Tuesday and Thursday afternoons beginning May 10 until August 18. We would welcome

OIM - March 2022 Update

Dear Innercity Intercessors,

I locked my car and as I walked to the back door of the office I was overcome with a sense of thankfulness to God for His provision. You!

Renewal Fellowship - January 2022 Update

The Board of the Fellowship enthusiastically takes this opportunity to thank you for your partnership in the ministry of renewal within The Presbyterian Church in Canada throughout 2021.

The past twelve months have been some of the most unsettling times many of us have experienced in our faith journeys. We believe some theological and polity decisions made at the last General Assembly lacked solid scriptural support, failed to follow the procedural methodology set forth in the Book of Forms, and did not uphold the 'wont and usage' that govern our higher courts.

Ottawa InnerCity Ministries - February 2022 Update

February, 2022 Dear Innercity Intercessors, I so appreciate your prayers, thoughts and words of encouragement over these past several months. To know that I am not alone, that hundreds of people are praying for 0IM, is such a source of strength (we send our prayer calendar to about 2,600 people each month!). Some bullet highlights for prayer: