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  • Apr14Wed

    Perspectives Course 2021

    April 14, 2021 Perspectives Canada
    Perspectives Canada

    Blessings to each of you, Perspectives, as many other ministries, have gone on-line as we are locked down and isolated from each others fellowship. Perspectives has now engaged in several very successful on-line classes and we would like you to know that we are offering another one during the summer months.  If you help to spread the word to those that you feel the Lord is leading in this way we would greatly appreciate that.

    Below are some of the details.

    Blessings to all,

    Ron Nehring, PSP Coordinator for Ottawa

    Dear Mission Leaders

    Another Virtual Perspectives Class this Summer with a  Special Offer for Students !!

    We had a great virtual class last fall with 59 students from across Canada and now ½ way through a spring session with 65 students. Praise God for what he has done. The Perspectives team feel led to offer another course this summer. It is open to all but we are offering a special discount price of $185 for students and new grads, a saving of $150. (Regular price - $335) Students being too busy during the school year to join a Perspectives class would be more available in the summer from our experience.

    We thank you, our Perspectives Ministry Partners, for your support of the Perspectives course. We would appreciate your help to recruit students, to promote as widely as you can in your network and to pray. Would you help by letting those in your organization, church and network know as you feel appropriate? What students can you pass this on to? This course is available to everyone across Canada.

    As Mission Leaders, we feel this is an ideal course and timing for your mission workers, candidates, staff, etc to be involved. Especially since it is virtual and available across Canada.

    The Early Bird discount date for $100 May 9th.  So we need to get the word out now.

    The message below can be used by you to send on to others as you feel appropriate, or make your own.

    We really appreciate anything you can do.

    Your prayers would be much appreciated as well.

    PS – We will soon be asking for Instructors and may be in touch. Since it is a Canada-wide course we are broadening out Instructor team as well and considering rotating assignments in future classes.

    Thanks in advance

    Wayne Matthews

    Perspectives Coordinator – Ontario

    Perspectives 2021 Promo

    Take Perspectives – it will ruin you for the ordinary!
    Floyd McClung, International Director of All Nations Training Center

    The PERSPECTIVES STUDY PROGRAM - is designed to enable you to discover God's plan for mankind and how you can be part of His purposes. It is a dynamic 15 lesson discipleship course taught by a variety of veteran missionaries, influential strategists and professors, each an expert in their respective area. You'll get the opportunity to discover what God is doing around the world and consider your part in His purposes.

    Perspectives continues to grow, in Ontario, in Canada and around the world. To date we have had over 2,700 alumni in this area with nearly 4,500 across Canada. The Perspectives Team appreciate your partnership in ministry and your promotion of the Perspectives course in the past. Would you be willing to do so again?

    Perspectives Canada Virtual Course Summer 2021

    This is a regular 14 week course.

    On-line using Zoom – Canada Wide

    Dates & Times: 7:00 - 9:30 pm Eastern, beginning Wednesday May 26th – Sept 1, 2021. (Pre-course orientation is May 19th)

    Website: Click Here (Check out the Special offer for Students and New Grads)

    We ask for your prayers and support. Would you do everything you can to promote this class in your area of influence (in your organizations, in your churches, with your contacts and as you travel). I'll leave it with you to develop creative and innovative ways to get the word out. Please pass this email along. All you need to do is remove this introductory paragraph and pass it on to those you feel it appropriate for.

    Thanking you in advance

    Wayne Matthews

    Perspectives Coordinator – Ontario

    Contact me at:  or call 647-883-1687

    Perspectives Virtual Class