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    Ottawa Pastoral Care Training Program Spring Training Programs

    January 27, 2023 Ottawa Pastoral Care Training Program

    As 2022 fades behind us and we look forward to the new year, we are pleased to announce our programs for spring 2023. Check out the brochure links below for program details including registration and payment information.

     This spring we are again offering the afternoon Basic Training Course in-person as well as the evening Basic Course via Zoom. Both courses begin Monday, March 20, 2023 and run weekly until May 15, 2023 (including Easter Monday). Our Spring 2023 Basic Training Course brochure is available at

    We are also excited to present a Continuing Education event on Tuesday April 18th from 7- 9pm by Zoom. This session will feature Lisa Boulay as she leads us in a conversation we call Let's Talk about Families. Together we will explore how challenging events can shift family dynamics and how pastoral care can bring support to family members. Check out the program brochure at

    Every second year, we hold a Coordinator's event for Coordinators of Spiritual/ Pastoral Care Teams/Departments (or their delegates). This year's event will take place in-person on Saturday, April 15th from 10am to noon. Check out the program brochure for details at

    We invite you to share this information in your bulletins and newsletters. Spaces are limited so take a few moments and register today. For more information about these and other programs, visit our website's home page at


    Josephine Hall

    Administrator, Ottawa Pastoral Care Training Program

    (613) 413-0384