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Dan's Ditherings - 12

Who I Am

Where I am (however unchosen by me) …
… is an opportunity for exploration with Jesus.
… is where God wants me to be and where I will remain by His grace until I am ready for whatever is next.
… Is a burning bush of a surprising holy visitation.
… has been prepared by His hand and His grace from my first steps. (He’s not surprised with where I am!)
… Is in a privileged position with Him.
… Is safe in His grace saturated embrace.
… Is the best place for me to be in this moment.
… Is always a dangerous opportunity.
… Is an invitation to trust in my Guide.
… I am never alone. (Phhhhew!!)
… Never changes the depth of God’s love and care.


How I am (however broken) …
… is only a moment in the Kairos of God
… is only a limitation to me, not to God.
… can make my life the Bread of the Presence, broken for others.
… doesn’t define me, it simply refines me.
… becomes a place of sweet embrace when I meet Jesus here.
… is always an invitation to live.
… is in transition from one transformation to the next.
… is not unseen by God and not ignored.
… grapples with sin but is growing in grace.
… is at time faltering but not a failure.
… is weak but a platform for God’s strength.
… makes me more like Jesus not less than.
… is always under the Shepherd’s care.
… is surrendering continually to His Love.
… is secured in my Saviour’s love.

Who I am (in my becoming) …
… is growing into my royal inheritance.
… is a testimony to Jesus’ grace and love.
… is more comfortable in my unknowing.
… is learning to relinquish rather than resign.
… is Kingdom bound, not earthly chained.
… is more attentive to the Presence.
… is loved, accepted, and valued.
… is more whole today than yesterday and hopeful for tomorrow.
… is resting more in God’s ability, leaning less on mine.
… is grateful for my privileged adventure.
… is believing for more.
… Is a child of the King!

The Lord is Risen! He is Risen indeed!
The Lord is Risen! The captives He’s set free!
The Sun of Righteousness is Risen!
With healing in His wings!