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Dan's Ditherings - 2

Top Ten Reasons I’ve Decided Not To Wash

I hear people give all sorts of reasons why they choose to not go to church and feel some sympathy for them. So I started to think about things I’d rather not do and the following represents my thinking about getting washed:

#10. People who make soap are only out to get your money.
#9. The bathroom is always either too hot or too cold, never the right temperature for me.
#8. I can get washed all I need in nature when it rains.
#7. I’m still young. When I get older and have gotten a bit dirtier I’ll wash then.
#6. I still wash occasionally, like at Easter and Christmas
#5. There are so many different kinds of soap I could never decide which one was right for me.
#4. I’d get washed but wash day I spend with my family and they don’t wash so I don’t when I’m with them.
#3. Life is busy. I have to wash all week for work so on the weekends I like to just relax and stay dirty.
#2. Washrooms are always full of hypocrites. They always figure they’re cleaner than anybody else.
#1. I was always made to wash as a child so now I don’t feel I need to.

II Samuel 14:14b says:
“But God does not take away life; instead, he devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from him.”
This verse reminds us that God desires to give us life and that He is actively committed to finding ways to bring us back home. Our estrangement from Him is the burden that set the whole plan of redemption in place. For some of us maybe it’s time to stop making excuses for not coming home to the Saviour. Maybe for others its time to really step into the relationship He desires to have with us; an ongoing, intimate, dynamic, full life in Christ with Christ. At Easter we said: “The Lord is Risen!” maybe it’s time to let the Son rise in our hearts.