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Dan's Ditherings - 10

Summer Time

One of the things you might want to keep an eye on especially in June is what is happening at our General Assembly at You can watch a live stream of the proceedings as it runs from June 3rd -6th.  

In terms of some good summer reading here are some of my favorites:  

The Biography of James Hudson Taylor – by Geraldine Taylor. There is a new biography out as well that may be worth reading. James Hudson Taylor was a missionary pioneer whose efforts opened up the interior of China leading to thousands coming to faith in Christ and the organization of the China Inland Mission, now Overseas Missionary Fellowship, with whom the Koniecznys serve.  

The Peace Child by Don Richardson. A great read about how the gospel first penetrated Irian Jaya where up until this year the Wright family, one of Grace’s missionaries, served with  the New tribes Mission.  

The Narnia Tales by C. S. Lewis a great read for young and old alike where Aslan, the Lion represents God.   

The Sermons of Charles Haddon Spurgeon – They are available in bound volumes if you can find them (I saw some individual paper copies at BfM recently).  They are a great devotional read.  

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster – Foster reminds us of the need to attend to our soul and the various spiritual disciplines available to help us do so.
Power Healing by John WImber – Wimber was the catalyst behind the Vineyard movement, a movement that led to churches being planted around the world. IN this book he tackles the issue of healing in a fresh way.
Draw Close  to the Fire by Terry Wardle – Terry offers fresh insight into the Christian life sharing his own story of brokenness that led to the development of a healing ministry that has impacted people globally.  

By Their Blood by Jan and Marti Hefley – a book on Christian martyrs from the first century to the 20th.

Enjoy your summer reading:

Pastor Dan