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  • Nov10Tue

    Good Gracious - November 2020

    November 10, 2020 Rev. Dr. Jonathan Dent

    “Remembering to Pray…and Electing Elders”


    “Remember your leaders…” Hebrews 13:7


    Each of us enters November with a sense of remembering. We take a few days out of the year to remember those who have given their lives in the military in the past for the sake of our political freedoms and opposing tyrants who wanted to take over the world. We recognize our governmental leaders made hard decisions to enter wars, in the past. We continue to recognize that life is complicated, short and fragile.


    Our congregational life is also complicated in this pandemic season. A few meet in the building now but most of us still are online, or perhaps are unable to participate at all, for a number of reasons. All of us together are what Grace is. God has blessed us in amazing ways.


    Now we are taking time to elect more persons to the Leadership Team we call Session. We need more help to lead Grace in this season and beyond. Your participation is vital. Your input is crucial. Your prayers are greatly needed:


    1)     Give thanks to the Lord for Grace Church, and how God has blessed you and others through this congregation.

    2)     Pray for Grace Church to do God’s will and mission, faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    3)     Pray that we will express the love and truth of God’s Word, with words and deeds.

    4)     Pray about God’s choices for the new elder positions.

    5)     Pray about the gifted folks currently at Grace who are members.

    6)     Pray that God will guide you to presenting up to six names. Only nominate those who you believe will positively add to the leadership.

    7)     Remember the teachings from the six week series on leadership, and pray for God’s guidance.

    8)     Commit those names you are given to the election/nomination form and personally bring them into the building, or if you can’t, email them, or if you can’t talk to an elder about how you might communicate those names.

    9)     Pray that God’s Holy Spirit will oversee and lead us to the right persons at this time.

    10)Trust the Lord for sustaining His Church in His way. Praise Him for doing so.


    These are the top things that come to mind for prayer. I encourage you to pray and act. I trust the Lord for you during this time, and for our congregation, leadership and future together. What you do makes a difference. The Lord knows.