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Good Gracious



    This is Stephen and Samantha’s winter update from Dunham, edited to fit into the newsletter.

    As you all can see there's a lot of exciting updates to share, the foremost of which is the fact that Sam and I got married February 18th, which I am so pleased to share with all. It was a lovely, intimate and intentional service shared with close friends and family and live-streamed to include as many loved ones as we could.

    In this update:
    • What's New?
    • The Wedding!
    • What's Next?
    • Prayer Points

    What's New?

    Marriage aside, here's how I've been serving at Dunham the last few months:

    DTS prep didn't start right away when I arrived, as the School leaders John and Emily, were welcoming their first child into the world. The week I arrived there was a week of staff orientation training, which helped situate me into the routine and lifestyle here. Following the orientation week, I began weekly classes for the Ministry Development School (MDS) they have on base—training designed to equip YWAM staff serve in their various ministries run in quarterly modules. This quarter has been focused on community living.

    During most of January and February I've been serving in the kitchen to feed the 50 or so people on base. I'm also on the fire roster for heating the hundred+ year old building we're all living in.

    Now that John and Emily have had time to settle as new parents, and myself as newly wed, things are ramping up in terms of preparing for the DTS which will start Easter Monday April 10th.

    Practically, this has meant:

    • We've begun regular planning meetings for the Arts and Music DTS
    • This past week we completed an online leadership seminar.
    • We're continuing to process student applications; it's looking like there will be 11 students.
    • All of our speakers have been decided for the lecture phase of the DTS
    • We've begun praying about outreach locations, the spiritual theme for the school, the students and much more!

    What's Next?

    I have helped Sam pack all her things to bring down to Dunham to live on base together. Until then, the AMDTS team, including myself, will continue to get things in order for the April start to the Arts and Music DTS. Once it starts, I'll be less involved in the kitchen as I will be working with the DTS full time. Otherwise, I'm so eager to see all God has in store for DTS (Discipleship Training) in the next few weeks as lecture phase begins. YWAM aside, I've gotten plugged into a local Church called The Village Church in Farnham, I've helped out with power point there, and I will be leading worship there on a monthly basis.

    As for Sam

    After finishing her degree in archeology, Sam will be joining the DTS as student herself. She took the time and prayed about what to do after getting her degree and felt that she would do well to pursue more of her gifting in the arts (and in music too) given she's been creatively deprived the last while.

    Prayer Points:

    • For beginning our time as newly-weds and all the joys and challenges associated
    • For our changing life circumstances over next year
    • For the DTS starting April 10th, students and staff
    • Ongoing support raising, including saving up for the outreach trip which will cost around $3500

    If you would like to support the Daltons financially, Arlene has the contact information.