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Good Gracious


  • May5Fri

    Mission Moment - Miriam Centre

    May 5, 2023 Linda Clarke

    Miriam Center Banner

    Miriam Centre has been serving the community since 1988. It offers emotional and spiritual support as well as practical assistance to all who find the circumstances surrounding their pregnancy difficult. It also provides follow-up care and guidance after the birth of the child.

    Miriam Centre reaches out with love and compassion to those grieving the loss of a child through miscarriage, abortion or infant death, sharing their pain and helping them experience healing and peace.

    The Centre receives no funding from the government. It could not exist without the generosity of it loyal supporters and the proceeds from various fundraising events.

    As important as it has been and continues to be for Miriam Centre, this type of funding never really provided the level of stable and predictable income necessary for the efficient operation of any organization. This led to the creation of a sister organization in 1998.


    The Foundation is an autonomous organization, with its own Board of Directors, whose sole mission is to help Miriam Centre meet its financial requirements. The Foundation collects and invests the donations it receives; the interest produced by the investment of this capital is transferred to Miriam Centre.

    In other words, while donations to Miriam Centre are used to cover ongoing expenses, donations to the Foundation are an investment in the future of Miriam Centre. Among other things, donations to the Foundation make long-term planning much easier, as they guarantee that funds will always be available to finance at least some of the work done by Miriam Centre.

    The information above was taken directly from their brochure. The stamps that we collect all year long are given to the Miriam Centre, sorted and displayed and available for purchase at their annual stamp sale. This year that sale takes place Saturday, May 6 from 9:30am to 4pm. Miriam Centre is located at 1803 St. Joseph Blvd, unit 107 in Orleans. When I’m travelling I usually try to pick up some stamps from the country I’m visiting to contribute to their collection. Financial donations are gratefully accepted too.