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    Mission Moment - December 2022

    December 8, 2022 Linda Clarke

    Grace Church was not able to fulfill its commitment to financially support a number of Missions in the 3rd quarter due to lack of funds. Givings have been down substantially this summer and fall and the church has spent more money than we have received. The income improved in November and we pray for that trend to continue in December so that we can end the year in a positive direction.

    Several people have asked which missionaries we were not able to support in September. Below I have identified them with a website and contact information to allow individuals who feel moved to act individually with financial support to do so. Please note that if the general givings continue to increase in December, the church will be able to honour the Missions commitment, making payments to our priority Missions first.

    Part of the objective of the Missions Committee is to educate the congregation on Missions with the objective that people will develop a heart for 1 or 2 of the Missions and support them on their own. The entire list of 2022 Missions was published in the March 2022 edition of Good Gracious. The following are the Q3 Missions that have not been paid so far.

    (YWAM Youth with a Mission): Dan and Sarah Hall are stationed in Dunham, Quebec. They grew up as part of Grace Church (Sarah is Kevin and Anna Russell’s daughter). The goal of YWAM Dunham is discipleship training focusing on arts, the French world and the local community. The address to send your personal support for Dan and Sarah is:  Youth With A Mission (BC) Society, Donor Services, P.O. Box 57100, RPO East Hastings, Vancouver, BC V5K 5G6. Indicate that the support be directed to Dan and Sarah Hall.

    Montreal West Presbyterian Church: A west  African immigrant congregation of over 100 members and 50 children, bringing to life a 128 year old church destined to close. Their website has an option to give through Canada Helps. Another option is to send a cheque directly so there no administration fee is deducted.

    AIM (Africa Inland Mission): Dan MacKinnon (former pastor of Grace church) serves as the Canadian church/mission liason. AIM is an evangelical Christian mission agency serving in over 20 African nations with priority to unreached people groups. The website is user friendly and allows people to easily find the missionary they are looking to support.

    Camp Cherith:  A Christian camp in Lanark with a long history with Grace where many of our children gave their lives to Christ, teens have received leadership training and many adults have and still do volunteer. . The website gives you a number of projects to support.

    John Sourial Tunisia Mission:  John is a member of Grace and is one of the founders of JOWAEM.  John travels twice annually to teach, disciple leaders, baptize new Christians and encourage the new churches in Tunisia. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to give directly to John and receive a tax receipt.

    OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian):  Leah Hopp teaches community health in 6 villages around Karamoja in Uganda. Leah and her family were part of Grace Church some years ago. She received her Masters degree in Public Health recently. The contact information for Leah Hopp is:  Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church, c/o John MacLennan, 27 Torrington Cres, London, On N6C2V8

    OCCRC  (Orleans Cumberland Food Bank): Providing groceries to people in our community who are in need. The net proceeds from the Christmas dinner will be given to the food bank. Food items are being collected in the shopping cart as well.

    If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask Linda. Thank you for your support!!

     Missions Allocation 2022

    Missions Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total

    Youth with a Mission (YWAM)

    750 750 750 750 3,000

    Montreal West Presbyterian Church

    500 500 500 500 2,000

    AIM (Dan MacKinnon)

    750 750 1,500

    Camp Cherith

    750 750 1,500

    John Sourial Tunisia Mission

    750 750 750 1,500

    OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian) Leah Hopp

    750 750 750 1,500

    Northern New Brunswick Ministry

    500 500 1,000

    Voice of the Martyrs

    500 500 1,000

    Ethnos (Dave and Judy Wright)

    500 500 1,000

    Ottawa Innercity Ministries

    500 500 1,000


    500 500 1,000

    Bible League Canada

    500 500 1,000

    Inter-Varsity (IVCF)

    250 250 500

    Ottawa Campus Chaplaincy

    250 250 500

    OCCRC (food bank)

    223 223 223 669

    Unallocated funds