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    Mission Moment May 2022 - Miriam Centre

    May 11, 2022 Linda Clarke


    The dove holding the heart in its beak symbolizes love, hope, healing and freedom, which is the heart of their mission.

    Miriam Centre opened its doors July 1, 1988. The Centre was born from the desire of a group of concerned people wanting to offer life affirming options to all who find the circumstances surrounding their pregnancy difficult. They are located at 107-1803 St. Joseph Blvd., Orléans.

    The following is from their website:

    • Our primary goal is ministering love and compassion to pregnant women in need and giving them new hope.
    • Mothers can come to the Centre both before and after the birth of their baby for emotional support and practical help.
    • We also reach out with love and compassion to those grieving the loss of a child through abortion, miscarriage or infant death. We listen to them with respect and help them find peace and healing.
    • All women are welcome, married or single, regardless of age or situation, as well as all those involved in their pregnancy.
    • All our services are free and confidential and offered in English or French.
    • Miriam Centre is a registered charity that receives no government funding.

    Why the name Miriam?   In the Bible, the story of the birth of Moses talks about Miriam who watched over her baby brother whose life was in danger. He had been placed in a basket on the Nile River. In the same way that Miriam saved her baby brother, Miriam Centre’s mission is to protect life.

    Help is available to those who are pregnant with a free pregnancy test, information on pregnancy, time to talk and express concerns. The pregnant woman will have a safe and confidential place to share feelings, receive reassurance and encouragement and find new hope for themselves and the baby. Maternity clothes and help to find other resources are available.

    If help is needed for the baby, emotional support and material help such as baby clothes, blankets, bedding, equipment, referral for cribs and car seats are available.

    For those grieving a loss after abortion, miscarriage or death of a baby, love and compassion, emotional and spiritual support are available. Staff are available to listen with respect and without judgement. Miriam Centre is a safe and confidential place to express feelings, to talk and to be given time to grieve. The hope is to find peace and healing.

    Volunteers are welcomed to sort clothes and donations, assist with mailings, fundraising and helping staff to serve the mothers.

    Fundraising:  A huge stamp sale, held in May serves as a major fundraising event. The congregation of Grace Church has been contributing to this for many years. Thank you and please continue to collect your used stamps leaving a 1” paper border around the stamp. A collection box is kept under the communication files year round.

    Miriam Centre also collects Canadian Tire money, new and used jewelry, and used baby bottles for their fundraisers. “Baby Showers” such as we are having in May contribute to their stock of baby supplies required to service the moms.