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  •  This letter from Brandon Kong was forwarded to Grace Church through the Presbytery Missions Committee. Brandon works with Intervarsity at Ottawa U. He is asking for prayer, volunteers and/or personal financial partnership. Grace Church supports the work of Intervarsity Ottawa and has done so for many years. I chose to publish Brandon's letter in case it speaks to someone in the congregation who might feel called to partner with him. This letter itself is an encouragement of how God is moving on campus. Praise the Lord!

    Dear friends and family,

    For the last few years, I have worked as one of the InterVarsity campus ministers at the University of Ottawa during one of the most difficult periods of time for young people: from global pandemics, economic hardships, the threats of war, immense mental health concerns, racial violence, white supremacy, an overwhelming refugee crisis, factionalism, abuse, and more; it is hard to see the hope and life that comes with Jesus as a student in these concerning days.

    As an InterVarsity staff worker, I help to provide space for students to process and think about the world at large and what has been happening, with God. To compassionately examine our world through the life of Jesus, to speak and enact justice through the Holy Spirit, and to be motivated to persevere in faithfulness through the heart of the Father. In these last few years in particular, I have seen the great potential for new life among university students, people who desperately need a new way of living and to re-evaluate why we do the things that we do as students and as people.

    Quite simply, students are the next generation of thinkers, advocates, movers, and changers of the world. They will be the leaders that Jesus has called to be servants, and InterVarsity helps to create opportunities for students to practice thinking and living in the Jesus way, in the world at large. I find myself inspired by the faithfulness of the students I lead, in the ways that they desire to partner with God in seeking out the transformation of the world and their campus. I have seen our students live counter-culturally through the messages of fear and risk aversion to take bold steps in learning to love people, even if they don’t agree with them. These are the types of Jesus followers we want to continue to develop and learn from as influencers for the Kingdom of God on campus!

    So why are you receiving this letter? Well 1) because I believe that you and your church also desire to see a new generation of faithful followers of Jesus among young people and 2) because I would like to invite you and your church into partnership with me to support the growth and development of students at the University of Ottawa.

    There are a number of ways that you can partner with the work I do with InterVarsity at the University of Ottawa. Firstly, if you are people who pray, would you consider being regular prayer partners by receiving my bimonthly up-dates?

    Please pray:

    • For the Holy Spirit to inspire a new generation of followers of the Jesus way and for young people to think missionally about their university lives and who desire revival on campus
    • For the mental health and well-being of students who have been going through a hard time as a result of the last few years of life. Pray for healing, revival and motivation!


    Secondly, you can partner with me through financial support! I am fundraising to do my part as a part of this mission at the University of Ottawa. The total amount of $66,220 for 2022/23 covers my salary, insurance, living expenses, among others, such as training, conferences, transportation and taking students out for that much needed BBT or coffee/tea for the year!

    How to give:


    Fill out the amount and frequency of donation

    *Any donation over $20 is tax deductible!


    Payable to: IVCF Canada

    Memo: Brandon Kong

    Mail to: 1 International Blvd., Toronto, ON M9W6H3

    *BRE's are available to save you a stamp!

    During this time of economic and financial uncertainty due to many global events, I am sensitive to the reality of financial strain for many of us. Please know that I am praying for all of you and that there is no pressure to financially partner whatsoever. I would love to be able to partner with you in any way that you are able to and feel to!

     Finally, you can also partner with me through advocacy or volunteering! If you know people who are invested in God's mission among students in Ottawa, or if you would like to help in any way, please forward this prayer letter or my contact information to them or consider an invitation to help on campus! Your connections and help make this work a whole lot bigger and far more interesting!

     I'll be following up with you a week from now if you have any other questions or want to discuss this more! Please do not hesitate to contact me in the meantime if you have questions, if you want to learn more about my work with InterVarsity, the University of Ottawa, or if you just want to catch up!

     Thank you so much for your prayerfully considered partnership and continual friendship!

     Brandon Kong