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    Good Gracious Mission Moment - April 2022

    April 6, 2022 Linda Clarke


    The missions committee has added a few new missions to our support list for 2022. In the Good Gracious publications this year, I hope to introduce you to some of them. This month I will introduce you to Ottawa Campus Chaplaincy. It is supported by the Christian Reformed Church and the Presbyterian Church through our Ottawa Presbytery. Much of the information is taken directly from their website.

    Their Mission Statement is: “The Ottawa Campus Chaplaincy creates hospitable spaces for students, faculty and staff to explore Christian faith and to practice justice and mercy in God’s world.”  The OCC operates under 4 core values: care, belonging, discipleship & leadership. 


    FELLOWSHIP AND DISCUSSION: Each week the Campus Inklings gathers at a pub, a church or a living room for fellowship and faith filled discussions about shared questions and creative endeavours.

    FEAST AND FAITH:  On Tuesday evenings they host a FREE home cooked meal and discussion gathering called “Feast and Faith.”  The Oblate Lounge in the St. Joseph’s Church (beside uOttawa campus) is the OCC living room, where they gather, eat, and enjoy a time and space that feels like ‘home.’ They regularly invite professors and professionals to come in, join them for supper and for those who are interested in sticking around, the guests share their stories and help consider ways in which faith impacts what they do and how they do it.  As citizens in God’s world, they want to ponder how Christianity integrates with all areas of life.  

    SMALL GROUPSEach year they host a variety of small groups that help students lean into opportunities for discipleship or areas of interest. These hospitable spaces are for curiosity and questions, discovery and wonder, fellowship and friends.  Whether it’s a Bible study, book study related to their academic field, baking for underprivileged neighbours or something else that a student wants to lead, they want to be a conduit for student growth and exploration of God’s world.

    DISCIPLESHIP ONE-ON-ONE: Many students want to better understand the Christian faith and tradition. Some are new to Christianity. Some find their ideas of Christianity are changing. Some want to be able to articulate the Christian faith better. Some realize that they call themselves Christian but have never dug into what that means. The OCC has a one-on-one discipleship journey whereby they:

    • Engage with the gospel, a word that means good news (what is the good news…really?)
    • Explore 15 key texts that take them through the Bible
    • Challenge themselves to try some spiritual disciplines
    • Have a mentor friend and learn to mentor another

    By the end of the 15 weeks, they will feel more confident in talking about why Christianity is good news, understand the nature of the Bible better and have incorporated some new habits that will shape their hearts, soul, mind and strength.

    The chaplain has office hours at Ottawa U., Carleton and in the office at St. Joseph’s Church, 151 Laurier Ave. They are searching for a new chaplain now. Prayers for that search would be appreciated.