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Good Gracious


  • Sep19Mon

    Ethnos Canada - Mission Moment September 2022

    September 19, 2022 Linda Clarke

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    Dave Wright and Kevin Goertzen visited Grace Church on August 11th to introduce their new program called “Establish”. Grace has been supporting the Wrights for many years. Dave introduced us to Kevin, a new ministry leader involved in the development of “Establish”, a course on foundational disciple making. They presented us with the material for the first module of the course if anyone would like to use it as a small group study. The following is taken directly from the brochure explaining “Establish”.

    WHAT IS ESTABLISH?  Establish is a foundational disciple-making series that begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. It provides a step-by-step journey so that ALL peoples are established in Christ and empowered to make disciples.

    • It highlights the majesty and glory of God as revealed through the story in His Word.
    • It focuses on, and provides resources for, three key aspects of the disciple-making process 1. LIFE in community. 2. LIFE on life. 3. LIFE on mission.
    • It focuses on primary truths at each level of study.
    • It is designed to help walk your disciple through each stage of spiritual development – from embracing the gospel to maturing in Christ.
    • It contrasts biblical truth with your disciples’ worldview for biblical transformation.
    • It is designed to address the mind, the emotions, and the will.
    • It provides pictures, illustrations, and object lessons to bring the truth to life.
    • It provides the WHY and HOW of foundational disciple-making through equipping modules.

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