Good Gracious

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Good Gracious


  • Nov16Wed

    YWAM (Youth with a Mission) - Mission Moment November 2022

    November 16, 2022 Linda Clarke

    YWAM is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups and Christian traditions dedicated to knowing God and making God known throughout the world. The movement began in 1960 and was started to get young people involved in outreach. They still do that today but they are involved in every kind of ministry and outreach imaginable....

  • Nov16Wed

    Let us pray! - Hazelwood November 2022

    November 16, 2022 Donald Corbett

    The end of November is nigh, and the Advent season will soon be upon us.  What a joyful time it can be as we eagerly await the season of anticipation and celebration of our Saviour’s birth.  This season can also be a time of stress, busyness and financial woe; and if we allow it, the decisions facing our congregation could easily...

  • The Bible is full of real people who had many challenges before them, spiritual, emotional, physical and other. There are quite a few passages we could look at where families disagree internally. In fact, this happens not only in families, but also between church leaders. In the book of Acts, Barnabas encouraged the newly formed Christian Church...

  • Oct16Sun

    October: The Scary Month - Good Gracious October 2022

    October 16, 2022 Rev. Dr. Jonathan Dent

    As we look around town at the end of September and the beginning of October, we note the number of people who darken their properties with spiders, witches, graves, ghosts and evil icons of many kinds. Halloween has become one of the biggest decorating events of the year, almost approaching Christmas levels of decoration. Scary monsters now...

  •   This letter from Brandon Kong was forwarded to Grace Church through the Presbytery Missions Committee. Brandon works with Intervarsity at Ottawa U. He is asking for prayer, volunteers and or personal financial partnership. Grace Church supports the work of Intervarsity Ottawa and has done so for many years. I chose to publish Brandon's...

  • Oct16Sun

    One of “those” days! - Hazelwood October 2022

    October 16, 2022 Donald Corbett

    Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to go right, and everything seemed to conspire against you?  If you can answer, “No”; then God Bless You!

  • Sep19Mon

    Ethnos Canada - Mission Moment September 2022

    September 19, 2022 Linda Clarke

    Dave Wright and Kevin Goertzen visited Grace Church on August 11th to introduce their new program called “Establish”. Grace has been supporting the Wrights for many years. Dave introduced us to Kevin, a new ministry leader involved in the development of “Establish”, a course on foundational disciple making. They presented us with the material for the first module of the course if anyone would like to use it as a small group study. The following is taken directly from the brochure explaining “Establish”.

  • Sep19Mon

    Let us boast in the Lord! - Hazelwood September 2022

    September 19, 2022 Donald Corbett

    It has been a very busy summer and I was so glad to have been given the opportunity to share the message while Pastor Jonathan was away. I remember the very first time I was asked to preach, I almost said, "No thank you" because I was unsure; not of my ability to speak in public, but of my readiness and worthiness to stand in the pulpit. After all, I had no training in homiletics and could barely understand what Matthew Henry had to say. The idea of unpacking a portion of scripture was simply out of the question.

  • Sep19Mon

    The Summer is over and it is back to school… - Good Gracious September 2022

    September 19, 2022 Rev. Dr. Jonathan Dent

    I remember thinking about the Summer as a child, and enjoying the different activities and sometimes going on a trip. It was a happy time, as I recall, being away from school. Going back to school seemed traumatic, some years more than others. Perhaps it was because I didn’t have many friends, or perhaps I just didn’t like school, but I did fairly well, and in the end, spent too many years in post secondary education.

  • Jun21Tue

    Mission Moment June 2022 - Ethnos Canada

    June 21, 2022 Linda Clarke

    Of the world’s 6,900 language groups, 2,500 are still unreached. Ethnos Canada, founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission, helps local churches train, coordinate and send missionaries to these peoples. They are able to tackle such a daunting task through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, and by focusing their efforts primarily in the following five realms: