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Dan's Ditherings - 7

5 Rules for Facing your Giants

5 Rules for Facing Your Giants

1. Receive every giant/challenge as an opportunity to move from self-confidence to Saviour trust, self-sufficiency to dependence on God, complacency to passion, isolation to community and pride to humility.

2. Remember you are never alone - I am is present - and you do not have to endure alone. God has assets (people) if you ask. COMMUNITY MATTERS! Where God has brought you He will also keep you and give you the grace to you need until He brings you out.

3. Running only makes you pull the weight farther. Accept the challenge. Deal with the giant squarely, decisively, and in as timely a manner as possible. Anticipated problems usually are not as monstrous as feared when faced early rather than late.

4. Worrying/obsessing over what you can’t control creates a double burden. Deal with the things over which you have control and leave the rest to God.

5. Let the challenges/giants of your life soften you not harden you. Let the difficult things be the things that sweeten your relationship with Christ not make you more bitter for others.