This week at Grace: May 19th - May 25th
May 19, 2019

Sunday’s Message

“That often used four letter word”
New Testament:  John 13:31-35 - Donna Dawson

 Grace’s Weekly  Agenda:  May 19th - May 26th









5:00 AM
JIL Dawn Watch

Bible Study (see below)

9:45 AM
Prayer Time (Prayer Room)

10:30 AM Worship

12:15 PM Membership Class

2:00 PM
Jesus is Lord Church  







6:30 PM

7:00 PM

Prayer Meeting

7:00 PM
Presbytery Meeting


9:45 AM
Ladies Bible Study

7 PM
Worship Team


10 AM
Prayer Group

7:30 PM


7:30 PM


6:30 PM
Kids Club

11:00 AM
Spring Luncheon
4:30 PM
Jesus the Only Way (Arabic)

  • Bible Study:  The Sunday morning Bible Study with Pastor Jonathan will restart at 8:00 am, starting May 12 for three weeks, in class room  2.  All are welcome.

  • Membership Class: Pastor Jonathan will offer a membership class starting on May 12 for three weeks, following the Sunday morning worship service.  Membership is for those teens and adults who have been baptized and desire to become voting members.  Becoming or being a member does not happen automatically, so everyone committed at Grace is welcome to join the class to find out what it means to be a voting member in the church.  Deciding to become a member happens at the end of the course.

  • CHEERS: May 16th, Thursday, 12:00 noon at Grace Church. Judy Robinson from "Senior Moves" will come to speak to us about decluttering. Sandwiches and salads for lunch menu.

  • Goats! The Sunday School children have purchased a pair of goats for a family in need overseas through Thank you to the adults as well that contributed to this fundraising project.

  • Free Summer Kids Camp: Mark your calendars. We are starting to plan on our summer camp (VBS) Aug 6th to 9th. Noah’s ark theme. More details to follow. We will be looking for many volunteers!
Please watch: Make a Call for Conscience (Video)
February 05, 2017