Grace Groups
Grace Groups are to be welcoming sanctuaries where people can position themselves before Jesus Christ within community for new life, growth, healing and service.

The Mission of Grace Groups is to provide opportunities for care within our community based on four key ingredients:
Engaging God’s Word - (The Study and Application of the Scriptures)
Fellowship - (The Partnership of Lives in Community)
Prayer – (Interceding For Each Other and Listening To God)
Mission/Service – (Putting the Word to Work)

Grace Group Covenant:
1. I agree that the purpose of my group is to grow in grace and I covenant together with my group to commit to building healthy Christian lives through healthy Christian community.
2. I commit to helping create a safe environment in my group where confidentiality is guarded and where individuals can be heard, feel loved, and be supported as we grow together.
3 I agree to give the members of my group permission to help me live a Christian life of grace and  grow into the person God intends me to be.
4. I agree that attendance in my group will be given priority and that I will call if I am going to be late or absent.
5. I agree that our group will always be open to new people and commit myself, with my group to seeking out and inviting others to share in it.
6. I agree that prayer will be an important part of how we faithfully support and uphold one another.
7. I agree to contribute to the life of the group in such a way that we may discover our gifts/talents and begin to use them in ministry.

I commit myself to grow in grace by partnering with those in my group so that together we may:
1. Journey Outward towards healthy relationships, 2. Journey Upward towards spiritual vitality,
3. Journey Inward towards personal wholeness, and 4. Journey Outward in the mission to our world with the gifts and talents God has given me.