What you will hear Sundays at Grace
Sermon Schedule
 Date  Speaker  Sermon Title  Scripture
 August 20th  Don Corbett  Be Prepared  Mathew 24:36-39
 August 27th  Don Collar  Its not what it appears to be  Philippian 1:12-26
 September 3rd  John Fair  Marks of the True Church  1 Corinthians 11:23-29
 September 10th  Testimonials/Outdoor Service    
 September 17th  Don Collar  Paul's Prescription for Joy  Philippians 1:1-6
 September 24th  Don Collar  Worth Repeating  Philippians 3:1-11
 October 1st: (Communion)  Dan MacKinnon  An Authentic Christian Community  I Corinthians 13
 October 8th:(Thanksgiving)  Dan MacKinnon  Authentic Gratitude  I Thessalonians 5:12-23
 October 15th  Dan MacKinnon  Transformed by Jesus Christ  II Corinthians 5:12-19
 October 22nd  Dan MacKinnon  To Be Transforming in the World  II Corinthians 5:9-21
 October 29th  Dan MacKinnon  For the Glory of God  Romans 11:22-36 (36)
 November 5th  Rev. John Fair  Rememberance/Communion  
 November 12th  Enoch Lee  Standing in Solidarity-A Reflection from visit to Holy Land  Jeremiah 6:9-14
 November 19th  Don Collar  Moving Forward  Phillipians 3:12-14
 November 26th  Don Collar  Antidote to Worry  Phillipians 4:1-9
 December 3rd: (Advent I - Communion)  Rev. John Fair  The Certainty of Our Hope  Hebrews 6:13-20
 December 10th: (Advent II)  Jack Archibald  Our Contradictory Christmas: Greed and Grace  Luke 2:1-7
 December 17th: (Advent III)  Jack Archibald  Our Contradictory Christmas: Weakness and Power  Luke 2:8-12
 December 24th: (Advent IV)  Don Collar  A Family Tree of Grace  Mathew 1:1-17
 December 24th: (Advent V)  Don Collar  God is With Us  John 1:1-14
 December 31st (AM)  Jack Archibald    
 Jan 7th, 2018 (AM)  Jack Archibald    
 Jan 14th, 2018  Don Collar  Body Building  Ephesians 4:1-16
 Jan 21st, 2018  Don Collar    
 Jan 28th, 2018  Don Collar    
 Feb 4th, 2018  Jack Archibald    
 Feb 11th, 2018  Don Collar    
 Feb 18th, 2018  Don Collar    
 Feb 25th, 2018  Ian Shugart    
 Mar 4th, 2018  Jack Archibald  When Faith Becomes Ridiculous  Luke 8:40-56
 Mar 11th, 2018  TBD  Spiritual Negligence Causing Death  Mark 14:27-42
 Mar 18th, 2018  Don Collar  Taming Temptation  Mathew 4:1-11 and James 1:13-15
 Mar 25th, 2018  Don Collar  Palm Sunday  
 Mar 30th, 2018  Good Friday Service at Bilberry Creek Baptist (480 Charlemagne) at 11am Good Friday  
 Apr 1st, 2018  Don Collar Easter Sunday  
 Apr 8th, 2018  Don Collar    
 Apr 15th, 2018  Don Collar    
 Apr 22nd, 2018  Don Collar  Dare to Be a Daniel  Daniel 1:1-21
 Apr 29th, 2018  Jack Archibald  The Miracle of the Church  Act 2:36-47
 May 6th, 2018  Jack Archibald  The Church of the Miracle  Acts 3:1-10
 May 13th, 2018  Ian Shugart  The Church's Message  Acts 17:16-34
 May 20th, 2018  Don Collar  Free Refills  Ephesians 5:15-20
 May 27th, 2018  Jim Pot  The Mustard Seed Kingdom  Luke 13:18-21
 June 3rd, 2018  John Fair  How Long O Lord?  Isaiah 64:1-12
 June 10th, 2018  Don Collar  A Three in One Sermon  1 Peter 1:1-12
 June 17th, 2018  John Fair    
 June 24th, 2018  Ian Shugart    
 July 1st, 2018  Donald Corbett    
 July 8th, 2018  Don Hutchinson    
 July 15th, 2018  TBD    
 July 22nd, 2018  David Kitz    
 July 29th, 2018  David Kitz    
 August 5th, 2018  Don Hitchinson    
 August 12th, 2018  Ian Shugart    
 August 19th, 2018  Donald Corbett    
 August 26th, 2018  Bill Rasum    
 September 2nd, 2018  Jim Pot    
 September 9th, 2018  Mary-Elsie Wolfe  Shared Kingdom Leadership  Galatians 3:28
 September 16th, 2018  Jonathan Dent    
 September 23rd, 2018  Jonathan Dent    
 September 30th, 2018  Jonathan Dent